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SARCAJC gallery is committed to  promote cartoon art in addition to historic rare popular art of South Asia.

150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi starts from 2/10/2018

RARE ARCHIVAL CARTOON from our collection


SARCAJC art gallery is the lone gallery of its kind which is supported by a Research Centre ( that not only conducts research, workshops in area of news but also brings history alive by promoting study of cartoons, a medium of art form which appeals to people from all walks of life, across nations.  Our research indicates, that cartoons are the most influencing and educative form of visual art that communicates most effectively to the younger generation. History is well documented by cartoons, be it -political, social, economic, across time and nations. Indeed, cartoons are a part of the culture of a nation, which sadly has not been adequately documented by mainsteam art galleries in South Asia. 

​                                     An invitation to enjoy, decode & explore, so welcome abode!